Thursday, April 14, 2016

How to manage the i18 translation in Adobe CQ5 (AEM)

How to manage the i18 translation in Adobe CQ5 (AEM)

This post will explain how to manage the i18 translation in Adobe CQ5 (AEM)

Follow the below URL to create the i18 language nodes for first time.

The translator.html can be used to manage the i18 translation for different languages.

Here you can add/delete modify keys and language values.

Whenever we perform any operation the same can be viewed from CRXDE – under the language node created as part of the first step.

The i18 keys can be replicated to publisher in different ways as mentioned below.
·         Manually creating the i18 nodes in publisher
·         Creating the package from author and deploying it to publisher
·         Replicating the nodes through tree activation

Select the node that needs to be replicated and activate
Selected nodes will be replicated to publisher

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