Monday, May 30, 2016

Integration of Jenkins server with GIT Hub

Integration of Jenkins server with GIT Hub

We are having multiple blogs around this but could not able to find the complete information on this.

Thought of sharing this for my reference too. This post will explain how to integrate Jenkins in Linux with private GIT Hub.

Configuring the GIT plugin in Jenkins:

Jenkins à Manage Jenkins à Manage Plugins
Make sure Jenkins GIT Client Plugin and Jenkins GIT plugins are installed.

Configure GIT in server:

Login to Jenkins server via puty
Execute the following command - sudo yum install git-all

Configure GIT executable path:

Jenkins àMange JenkinsàConfigure System
Enter the git executable path(git installed to the server in previous step)
My case the path is /usr/bin/git, change accordingly

SSH Configuration:

Login to Jenkins server via putty
Execute the following commad - sudo -u jenkins ssh-keygen -t rsa
Enter the details accordingly, Passphrase is optional if required then enter some string.
This will create private and public keys under /var/lib/jenkins/.ssh (default files are id_rsa and