Tuesday, February 25, 2014

SOA-INFRA app is not starting up - Oracle SOA Suite 11g

SOA-INFRA app is not starting up - Oracle SOA Suite 11g:

When we restarted the soa server, the soa server came up properly except the SOA-INFRA app.
The status of the SOA-INFRA app in weblogic console is failed and also the SOA node in the em console is not displayed.

We could not able to find any particular error from log files including diagnostic log except schema mismatch error with some of the composites.It  seems due to some reason the status of the soa-infra application is failed and the server is restarted without fixing the actual issue then even after fixing the issue and restarting the server the soa-infra app is not Active.

We have tried deleting the following folders from $DOMAIN_HOME/servers/AdminServer

Unfortunately even after deleting the above folders the SOA-INFRA app did not come up. 

Tried starting the SOA-INFRA app manually from weblogic console, this time the SOA-INFRA app came up and we could able to see the SOA in em console.