Sunday, April 16, 2017

how to include custom metatag headers from AEM Tags

This post explains the approach to include custom metatag headers from AEM Tags.

Customize the page properties dialog:

Customize the page properties dialog to add the field to select custom tags

Copy /libs/foundation/components/page/dialog and /libs/foundation/components/page/tab_basic under custom page rendering component e.g. /apps/training/components/page-content/

Create a node of type cq:widget under tab_basic with the following properties

Name Type Value
allowBlank Boolean true
fieldLabel String Page Type
name String ./page-type
namespaces String[] page-type
xtype String tags

Refer for more details on customizing the page properties dialog.

Define new tag namespace & tags:
Create new tag namespace(page-type) through http://localhost:4502/tagging

Create required tags under page-type namespace

Override the the head.jsp if the page component is inhering from foundation/components/page. Add required logic in head.jsp to include the custom metatags from AEM tags.
%><%@ include file="/libs/foundation/global.jsp"%><%
%><%@ page contentType="text/html; charset=utf-8" import="com.albinsblog.samples.core.TagsUtil,*"%><%

TagManager tagManager = resourceResolver.adaptTo(TagManager.class);
String[] pageTypeTags = properties.get("./page-type", String[].class);
String pageTypes = TagsUtil.getTagTitles(tagManager, pageTypeTags);
 <cq:include script="/libs/wcm/core/components/init/init.jsp"/>
   <meta name="page-types" content="<%= pageTypes %>" />
</head> - util class to fetch the tag titles and convert the titles to required formats.

public class TagsUtil {
public static String getTagTitles(TagManager tagManager, String[] typeTags) {
StringBuffer typeBuffer = new StringBuffer();
if (typeTags != null) {
for (String typeTagId : typeTags) {
Tag typeTag = tagManager.resolve(typeTagId);
if (typeTag != null) {
String tagPath = typeTag.getTitlePath();
String[] splitTags = tagPath.split(":");
String tagName = splitTags[1];
if (typeTag != null)
typeBuffer.append(tagName + ";"); }
if (typeBuffer.length() != 0)
typeBuffer.deleteCharAt(typeBuffer.length() - 1);
return typeBuffer.toString();
Configure required tags in page properties dialog

The defined metatag will be added to the page 

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