Monday, January 30, 2012

Oracle SOA Suite - Changing the service endpoint URL dynamically through EM console

Oracle SOA Suite - Changing the service endpoint URL dynamically through EM console

Sometimes we may need to change the default endpoint location of the Oracle SOA Suite composite service through the EM console.

Steps to change the endpoint URL’s of the references through the EM console - Oracle SOA 11g

  • In EM console click on the Composite
  • Scroll down to Service and References section

  • Click on Reference link and properties tab
  • Change Endpoint Address to the desired location and click apply

The new request will be send to the new endpoint location configured through the EM console.
The new endpoint configuration can be removed to send the request to the default endpoint location configured in the WSDL.

The same approach will work in Oracle SOA Suite 12c



  1. I just tried to test this behavior and here is an interesting observation. I changed the endpoint to an invalid URL through EM. When I invoked the service, it initially faulted with error "Unable to access the following endpoint", but then automatically retrieved the original valid endpoint and processed the request.

  2. Is it possible to find and replace the service endpoint URL in SOA 11g as we do it in OSB 11g ?

    1. yes,

      a deployment plan can be used for this and the application can be updated with the deployment plan after making the necessary changes like changing the end point URLs etc

  3. Please let me know how to do this via script???

  4. It's possible to make this by code( in bpel)?

  5. It's posible to do it, by code, in bpel?