Saturday, October 6, 2012

Changing the weblogic server admin console timeouts.

Changing the weblogic server admin console timeouts.

This post will explain how to change the weblogic server admin console timeouts.

The console application can be find at the below location

Change the directory location to $WEBLOGIC_HOME/server/lib/consoleapp/webapp/WEB-INF and open the weblogic.xml in a text editor.

Look for a session param tag with the name as "invalidation-interval-secs" and "timeout-secs"

Default Values



Change the value for "invalidation-interval-secs" and "timeout-secs" as per your requirement and restart the Weblogic Admin Server.

Login to weblogic admin console and verify the same.

If the EM console is deployed to weblogic server(EM console will be part of domain if any of the middleware component is installed) then the session timeout can be increased as follows.

Login to EM console and open the MBean Browser(Right click soa-infra-->Administartion-->System MBean Browser)

Enter the following value into the Mbean Browser filter and click on ok.

Change the session timeout value accordingly and click on Apply.

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