Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Creating report based on External Data Source (Database table) – Oracle BAM

Creating report based on External Data Source  (Database table) – Oracle BAM

In Oracle BAM the reports can be created based on the external database table.This post will explain the steps required to build a simple report based on the external database table.

Create the External Database:

  • Login to Oracle BAM Start page and click on Architect button.

  • Select External Data Sources from the drop down list and click on the create button in the next page.

  • Provide the External Datasource Name and the database details and click on the Test button to test the External Data Source.

  • Click on Create Button and click on Continue.

Creating the Data object based on the External Data Source:

  • Select Data Objects from the drop down list and Click on Create Data Object
  • Enter the Data Object name and provide the folder in which the data object needs to be stored.
  • Select External Data Object check box and select the external data source created in the previous step and the database table from which the report needs to be created.
  • Click on Add field for all the fields that needs to be added into the data object (the fields that required for the report) from the table.

  • Click on Create Data Object and click on continue.
  • Click on Contents to see the data.

  • Click on the Layout to see the data object definition

Creating the report:

  • Login to Active Studio from the start page and click on Create New Report.
  • Select Single Tiled Report and select the report type as Streaming List
  • Select the ExternalDSDO and click on next

  • Select the required fields that need to be shown in the report and click on next.

  • Click on Change view properties and change the View Title as required and click on OK.

  • Click on the Save button to save the report.

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