Monday, October 21, 2013

Tracking the messages in Oracle OSB

Tracking the messages in Oracle OSB

This blog will explain how to track the message for a Oracle OSB flow with unique key.

In oracle OSB we can assign a Report key to the proxy service and based on this key the messages can be tracked.

I have developed a proxy service based on business service that invokes a Employee BPEL, this blog will explain how to track the employee messages with employee id.

Steps to enable message tracking in OSB

Open project in OSB console and also create a session

Click on View Message Flow of proxy service

Click on EmployeePS and Add Pipeline Pair

Add a stage on Request Pipeline and Edit the stage

Add a Report action

Configure the expression, Key Name and Key Value(Selected from ) as shown below, the Key Value can be selected from expression Editor.

Save and Activate the session.

Tracing the Message:

Initiate the Employee Proxy service through Test Console

Click on Operations and click on Message Reports and enter the key and value this will display all the instances of messages with this key

Click on Report Index Empid=24 and click on Detail in the Report Body section, this will display the input message to the service

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