Friday, April 29, 2016

How to disable the online compaction - AEM/Adobe CQ5

How to disable the online compaction - AEM/Adobe CQ5

Adobe Experience Manager(AEM) 6.1 will have daily job scheduled and that will perform the online compaction.

Some times this may cause performance issue when the online compaction takes more time to complete due to load or authoring.

As a solution the online compaction job can be disabled and offline compaction can be used whenever required based on the maintenance window.

Steps to disable online compaction:

  •  Go to CRXDE path - /libs/granite/operations/config/maintenance/granite:daily/granite:RevisionGC
  • Changed run mode from crx3 to crx3-disabled
  • Save

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  1. The online compaction is less productive than disconnected compaction and its impact must be seen over a delayed timeframe (a few days). You ought not anticipate that evacuated substance will be waste gathered immediately as the substance may in any case be referenced by different sessions.