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How to receive Outbound Message notification from Salesfore through Salesforce Adapter in Oracle SOA Suite 12c

How to receive Outbound Message notification from Salesfore through Salesforce Adapter in Oracle SOA Suite 12c

Salesforce Outbound messaging allows you to specify that changes to fields within Salesforce can cause messages with field values to be sent to designated external servers.

Outbound messaging is part of the workflow rule functionality in Salesforce. Workflow rules watch for specific kinds of field changes and trigger automatic Salesforce actions, such as sending email alerts, creating task records, or sending an outbound message.

After you set up outbound messaging, when a triggering event occurs, a message is sent to the specified endpoint URL. The message contains the fields specified when you created the outbound message. Once the endpoint URL receives the message, it can take the information from the message and process it. To do that, you need to examine the outbound messaging WSDL.

The Salesforce Adapter in Oracle SOA Suite help to integrate with Salesforce cloud. This post will explain the steps to enable the Outbound messaging in Salesfore and receive the notifications in Oracle SOA Suite via Salesforce Adapter.

Define Outbound message in Salesforce:

Login to Salesforce
Click on Setup


Search for Outbound messages and click on Workflow & Approvals -  Outbound Messages


Click on Continue in the next screen
Click on New Outbound Message


Select the required Object and Click on Next

Enter the details

Name : Enter name for the outbound message
EndPoint URL - enter a dummy URL now and the same will be changed after designing the SOA composite'
Fields to send : Select the fields that should be part of the outbound message


Click on Save


Define Workflow Rule to trigger the Outbound message:

Define a Workflow Rule to trigger the Outbound message whenever the new account is created with matching criteria.

Click on Setup and quick search for "Workflow Rules" and Click on Workflow & Approvals - Workflow Rules


Click on Continue
Click on New Rule

Select the Object (Account) and Click on Next


Enter the details

Rule Name
Evaluate the rule when a record is - Select the option when this rule should be fired - Created(Whenever new Account is created)
Run this rule if the following - Criteria are met
Select the criteria - Billing State/Province equal to MN then fire the rule

Click on Save & Next

Select Add Workflow Action and Click on Select Existing Action


Select Outbound Message from Choose Action Type  Search field

Add Outbound Message : SendAccount to selected actions and Click on Save

Click on Done

Generate enterprise WSDL:

Generate Outbound Message WSDL

Open the outbound message defined in the previous steps and click on "Click for WSDL"


Save the WSDL to the system


Configure CSF Key - Authentication key:

Refer Configure CSF Key section from the following post

Design the SOA Composite:

Create a SOA Project with empty composite
Right click on Exposed Services and Insert Salesfore Adapter in the


Change the endpoint name as required and click on next
Select the enterprise.wsdl
Add new Authentication Key

CSF Key Name - Defined in the previous step(salesforce-credential)
Password - Password+Security Token


Click on Ok
Click on Test

Click on Next
Select the Outbound Messaging WSDL - select the Outbound Messaging WSDL generated in the previous steps
Click on Next and Finish

Add a BPEL component to the Composite and select Template Type as No Service


Link the Adapter service and the BPEL process, select the Delivery and Transaction options


Add a receive activity to the BPEL process and link the Adapter service and the receive activity.
Define the Input variable and select Create Instance option.


Add the required activities to process the request.


Deploy the BPEL process to the server.
Monitor the {$Oracle_Home}/user_projects/domains/{your_domain}/servers/{server_name}/logs/{server_name}-diagnostic.log file to locate the endpoint URL of the Salesforce Adapter process. It would look something like this For SOA: https://{host}:{port}/integration/flowsvc/salesforce/{partition_name}/{project_name}/{service_name}/v1.0/ For OSB: https://{host}:{port}/integration/flowsvc/salesforce/{project_name}/{service_name}/v1.0/


https://servername:7201/integration/flowsvc/salesforce/default/SalesforeAdpater/SalesforceService/v1.0 (the URL should be accessible via valid SSL certicate)

Update the endpoint URL in Salesfore Outbound Message:

Edit the Outbound Message defined in the previous steps and update the endpoint URL with new URL.


Now the notification will be send to the endpoint whenever the new account is created with Billing State/Province as MN.


To see the failure messages - Search for outbound in quick search and click on Monitoring - Outbound Messages


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