Monday, February 27, 2023

Responsive Layouts not working for the nested containers - Adobe Experience Manager(AEM)

The responsive layout resizing was not working for the nested 3rd-level containers in the Editable template.

The responsive layout containers with Editable templates help the authors to manage the page layouts through drag-and-drop resizing. But it looks to be the resizing is not working when nested more than two levels - the resizing stopped working in the 3rd level.

The actual issue is the responsive configurations (cq:responsive node) are not inherited to the 3rd level.

Added a container (container1) 

  •   Container(container1) is aligned to a specific column, e.g., 8.
  •   Added a child container 2 to the container 1.
  •   Added a child container 3 to container 2.
  •   Made container 3 a responsive grid.
  •   Added a text component to container 3.
  •   Layouting not working for the text component.

Workaround: Resize container 3 to a different column size and return to the original column size — this will add the cq:responsive node to container 3 and allow the layout for the text component.

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