Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Oracle SOA Suite - Viewing Performance Metrics Using Fusion Middleware Control(EM)

Oracle SOA Suite - Viewing Performance Metrics Using Fusion Middleware Control (EM)

If you encounter a problem, such as an application that is running slowly or is hanging, you can view more detailed performance information, including performance metrics.

Oracle SOA Suite 11g:

Monitoring the performance of an Oracle WebLogic Server
1. Login to the EM console - domain.
2. Select the server to monitor.
3. The Managed Server home page is displayed.
4. From the WebLogic Server menu, choose Performance Summary
5. The Performance Summary page is displayed. 

6. To see additional metrics, click Show Metric Palette and expand the metric Categories in the right side panel.
7. To view the metrics about data source select the Data Source Metrics and the data source that need to be monitored and the required metrics data from the right panel, the metrics details will be displayed in left panel.

9. To view the different metrics, select the corresponding metrics from right side panel and the details can be viewed in the left panel.

Monitoring SOA-INFRA (BPEL Engine, MEDIATOR Engine and all other Middleware Components):

1. From the navigation pane, expand the farm, then right click on soa-infra and then select Monitoring then Performance Summery.
2. To show the metric palette click on Show Metric Palette, this will display all metrics available for monitoring in the right panel.
3. Select the require metrics from the right panel and the details will be displayed in the left panel.

4. Select the metric SOA Composite Binding/Reference metric to monitor the SOA Composite bindings and references.

Oracle SOA Suite 12c:

Click on Target Navigation


Click on the Weblogic Server


Click on Weblogic Server - Monitoring - Performance Summary


     This will display the basic metrics, click on Show Metric Palette and select the required metrics from palette to display

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