Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Not able to save the projects into the JWS file(Application) in JDeveloper

Not able to save the projects into the JWS file(Application) in JDeveloper

I was facing a issue while saving the project to the application JWS file and getting "Unable to save GettingPayload.jws".

Receiving the following exception in the JDeveloper console.

at oracle.ide.marshal.xml.StructureIO.loadUsingSAX(StructureIO.java:251)
at oracle.ide.marshal.xml.StructureIO.loadImpl(StructureIO.java:167)
at oracle.ide.marshal.xml.StructureIO.loadImpl(StructureIO.java:156)
at oracle.ide.marshal.xml.HashStructureIO.load(HashStructureIO.java:46)
at oracle.ideimpl.extension.RoleManagerImpl.getRolePreferences(RoleManagerImpl.java:80)
at oracle.ideimpl.extension.ExtensionManagerImpl.runRoleSelectionDialog(ExtensionManagerImpl.java:1112)
at oracle.ideimpl.extension.ExtensionManagerImpl.initialize(ExtensionManagerImpl.java:943)
at javax.ide.Service.getService(Service.java:68)
at javax.ide.extension.ExtensionRegistry.getExtensionRegistry(ExtensionRegistry.java:400)
at oracle.ide.ExtensionRegistry.getExtensionRegistry(ExtensionRegistry.java:191)
at oracle.ide.IdeCore.startupImpl(IdeCore.java:1384)
at oracle.ide.Ide.startup(Ide.java:703)

While restating the JDeveloper,  i could not able to see the projects listed under the corresponding applications, i have to manually add them to the application.

After analyzing for a while found out that the issue might be due to the corrected preference files kept in the following location <<USER_HOME>>\AppData\Roaming\JDeveloper\<<system folder>>

Steps to resolve the issue

To resolve the issue delete the <<system folder >> from the above location and restart the JDeveloper.
While restarting the JDeveloper will prompt you to importing the preferences, select No there(unfortunately you will be loosing all the resource connections created)

Load all the applications and projects manually. Now you will be able to save the projects to the application - JWS file.


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  2. Hi Issac,

    I got a same problem, but in the when i went to delete SYSTEM folder from my USER_HOME\AppData\Roaming

    i did not find Jdeveloper folder here, instead i found system4. folder. under SQldeveloper\system4.

    so, i have removed and restarted sqldeveloper, it asked for preferences, i choosed 'NO' button,when i ran a query in sqldeveloper it was perfectly working. But when i opened jdeveloper i am getting same error.

    Point to Note:- everytime when i delete , and when i restarted sqldeveloper..this SYSTEM4. folder is appearing back.

    I am using Jdev 11.1.3,sql developer 4.1.0 in Windows7 OS

  3. I followed your steps, and now I'm able to create & save new applications again.

  4. Wonderful. Thank you so much. I am back in business.

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