Monday, April 14, 2014

Backing up the MDS Repository Artifacts - Oracle SOA Suite 11g

Backing up the MDS Repository Artifacts - Oracle SOA Suite

In Oracle SOA Suite 11g and Oracle SOA Suite 12c , all the common artifacts , the deployed composites and the common configurations are stored in the MDS database schema. Sometimes there is a possibility of MDS schema getting corrupted (the best example is the composites getting corrupted frequently)those scenario we will not be able to bring up the soa-infra and also we may loose all the deployments.

Backing up the MDS artifacts is the the solution for these kind of issues.

In this post i will be explaining some of the different options to back up the MDS artifacts.

The best approach is do a full back up of MDS repository schema using database backup utilities(dbexp).The backup can be restored if there is any issue with the MDS schema.

EM console - MDS configuration Page :

Right click on soa-infra and click on Administration and MDS Configuration.
Click Export on MDS Configuration page.

This will export the MDS artifacts to local machine as zip file.

WLST script:

The MDS artifacts also can be exported through WLST script, the exportMetaData command will help us to export the MDS artifacts.

Login to SOA server through putty
Execute $ORACLE_HOME/common/bin/ then execute connect() and provide the server details.

After successful connection to ServerConfig execute the below command - Change the export path accordingly.

exportMetadata(application='soa-infra', server='AdminServer',toLocation='/reuters/oracle/as01/mds/soa_mds.jar',docs='/**')

This will export the MDS artifacts as jar file to the specified location.

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