Saturday, April 5, 2014

Oracle Cloud Adapter for - Oracle SOA Suite

Oracle Cloud Adapter for - Oracle SOA Suite

Oracle introduces the Cloud Adapter for as the extension of Oracle SOA Suite and this is certified only with the version will help the customers to integrate with the the cloud easily.

When integrating the via web service integration the main concerns are the Security management and the Session management.The web service integration requires more manual configurations, we have to connect to the Enterprise login with the authentication details to get the token values then using the token we have to do a API call to perform the operations in Salesforce.Oracle Cloud Adapter for provides Intelligent Session management and security management and also provides a GUI to perform all the configurations.

Oracle Cloud Adapter for will simplifies the cloud integration by reducing the manual integration processes and maintenance costs by introducing a standardized wizard-based solution for integrating applications.By dramatically reducing the number of manual and customized steps with Oracle Cloud Adapter for, integration development time can be reduced by half when compared to traditional methods.

The Oracle Cloud Adapter for allows seamless connection of different systems to It uses the Oracle SOA Suite to communicate with leveraging the SOAP API of Salesforce and supports all the major operations of SOAP API for standard as well as custom objects

The Oracle Cloud Adapter for supports the previous six versions of starting from the current version. The list of supported Editions is given below:
  •  v24 
  •  v25 
  •  v26 
  •  v27 
  •  v28 
  •  v29 
Refer the below urls for more details:


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