Tuesday, January 27, 2015

How to configure Hybris Server to use Oracle Data Base

How to configure Hybris Server to use Oracle Data Base

The following steps can be followed to configure the Hybris server to use Oracle database.

Configure database user:

Login to Oracle database and create the required user and provide the grants.
create user <username> identified by <password> default tablespace <table space name> temporary tablespace <table space name>;
grant connect, resource to <username>;

Configure Hybris server

Copy the oracle driver (e.g. ojdbc6.jar) to /hybris/bin/platform/lib/dbdriver

Go to /hybris/config and edit by adding the following:
db.url=jdbc:oracle:thin:Username/password//servername:port-id/database name

Verify the configuration details and initialize

Access the Hybris server URL and check the following details:
                   a) Database Name displayed
                   b) User name Displayed
                   c) Database Driver Displayed.
                   d) Check for the default objects (e.g. product, cart etc) already selected.

Click on initialize button on the top of the page. It will take some time and initialize all the tables, table spaces and schemas required.

After successful completion of initialization the server gets automatically restarted, or else it will display errors which need to be rectified.


  1. Does Oracle Database comes as part of hybris

  2. Or we need to buy Oracle Database separately from Oracle

  3. Hybris Comes with HsqlDb for light weight development purposes. For a proper team based development and production deployment you need to buy the DB of your choice.