Saturday, May 9, 2020

AEM as a Cloud Service - Local Development Environment setup

AEM as a Cloud Service - Local Development Environment setup
In this video let us see how to setup a local environment for AEM as a cloud service development

Adobe Experience Manager as a Cloud Service is the cloud-native way of leveraging the AEM applications.

As a first step download the required software’s from   - you should have the required access

Download the latest Java version from General tab - I am downloading "Oracle JDK 11.0.6 for Windows-x64", download latest AEM SDK from AEM as a Cloud Services tab

Extract the Java Archive file

Extract the SDK file. I am installing the publish instance, rename the SDK quick start file as expected

Set environment variable in CMD 
set JAVA_HOME="C:\Albin\SW\AEM-Cloud-service\dev\jdk-11.0.6"
set PATH=%JAVA_HOME%\bin;%PATH%;

Run jar - java -jar  aem-sdk-publish-p4503.jar

Now the publish server is accessible

Install the wknd sites by downloading from github - - The wknd default web page is accessible without any issues, this concludes the AEM publisher setup.

Let us see now how to install the dispatcher – the dispatcher is enabled locally through the docker image, the required configuration files are placed in deployment folder outside of docker image

Extract the dispatcher bundle, bundle includes a configuration Validator CLI tool – helps to validate the dispatcher configuration with cloud standard and docker image for running it locally

Before starting ensure the latest version of docker desktop software  is installed on your machine - 

As a first step validate the dispatcher configs - the validator outputs a folder with all the required configuration files needed by the dispatcher to run locally., 
cd to bin folder- validator.exe full -d C:\Albin\SW\AEM-Cloud-service\dev\out ../src

Run  docker_run.cmd C:\Albin\SW\AEM-Cloud-service\dev\out host.docker.internal:4503 8080

Now you should be able to access the dispatcher URL through port 8080 - http://localhost:8080/

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