Thursday, April 21, 2022

Apache not starting - XAMPP on Windows

I was facing an issue while starting the Apache Server running in XAMPP on the Windows system; the server was not starting from the XAMPP control panel but was able to start the server directly by running the httpd.exe.

The start task was struck while doing through the XAMPP control panel

Also, was seeing the below exception in the error log.

VirtualProtect() failed [87] The parameter is incorrect

Port 80 was not in use; some configuration changes did not help.

Finally, the issue was due to the existing service entry for Apache2.4.


The service was created as part of the Bitnami WordPress installation and was not removed on uninstallation.

To resolve the issue, remove the Apace2.4 service entry.

Run the below command as an administrator through the command line

sc delete "Apache2.4."

Create a new service entry for the XAMPP Apache server

Run apache_installservice.bat from xampp/apache folder - this will create a new Apache2.4 service pointing to the XAMPP apache server

Now the Apache server can be managed through the XAMPP control panel.

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