Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Unable to get schema information for source - JDeveloper

Unable to get schema information for source - JDeveloper

I was getting the error "Unable to get schema information for source" while generating the XSL mapper file in the BPEL Transform activity through JDeveloper. The same error was coming while editing the existing mapper file in a transform activity with the same source variable.

But the component is getting deployed successfully and also the flows are working fine without any issue.

After the analysis i found that there is two schema's imported with the same name space into the wsdl and one of the them is used to create the message type for the source variable in the transformation.

Approaches to fix the issue

  •  Make sure the schema's are imported with different name space or create a consolidated schema and import the same 
  • Include the schema's that has the same names instead of importing them into the wsdl.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

BINDING.JCA-11822 JPublisher error occurred in JDeveloper

BINDING.JCA-11822 JPublisher error occurred in JDeveloper

Sometimes you may receive the following exception in DBAdapter wizard while regenerating the adapter configuration for the option "Call a Stored Procedure or Function through JDeveloper in Oracle SOA Suite 11g".

JPublisher error occurred.
An error occurred while running JPublisher.
An error occurred when JPublisher was invoked: ERROR: missing method.
Analyze the error and correct if possible. Contact oracle support if error is not fixable.

at oracle.tip.adapter.db.sp.xsd.oracle.JPublisher.findWrapperProcedureName(JPublisher.java:222)
at oracle.tip.tools.ide.adapters.designtime.adapter.db.sp.ProcedureObject.setWrapperInfo(ProcedureObject.java:256)
at oracle.tip.tools.ide.adapters.designtime.adapter.db.sp.oracle.DBAdapterStoredProcPage.loadProcedureBrowseDialog(DBAdapterStoredProcPage.java:213)
at oracle.tip.tools.ide.adapters.designtime.adapter.db.sp.AbstractStoredProcPage.browseProcButton_actionPerformed(AbstractStoredProcPage.java:369)
at oracle.tip.tools.ide.adapters.designtime.adapter.db.sp.AbstractStoredProcPage$1.actionPerformed(AbstractStoredProcPage.java:197)

The exception will be thrown while browsing the procedure in the wizard and the procedure has one of the following RECORD, TABLE, or BOOLEAN as input/output type.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Dynamic where condition in DB Adapter - Query By Example

Dynamic where condition in DB Adapter - Query By Example

Sometime we may have the scenario to query the data in a table with dynamic where condition through DB Adapter in Oracle SOA Suite 11g.
The Query by Example option in the DB Adapter provides the option to construct the where condition dynamically based on the input data provided.Query-by-example uses the AND operator to tie the input attributes together to form the where condition.

For example when we are defining the Query By Example option for the Employee table the adapter will consider the Employee object as input and returns the Employee Object list.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Recovering the composites to JDeveloper from MDS - Oracle SOA Suite

Recovering the composites to JDeveloper from MDS - Oracle SOA Suite

Sometimes there is a possibility the latest code changes of the deployed composite in JDeveloper might have lost in other hand some cases we will not be having the implementation code for the deployed composites.

These scenarios the Oracle SOA Suite composite artifacts can be exported from MDS through em console and the same can be converted to design time artifact in JDeveloper.

This post will explain the steps to recover the composite to JDeveloper from MDS.

Steps to recover the composite from MDS

Login to Em console, right click on the particular composite and click on Export

Select the appropriate options as shown and click on Export

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Not able to save the projects into the JWS file(Application) in JDeveloper

Not able to save the projects into the JWS file(Application) in JDeveloper

I was facing a issue while saving the project to the application JWS file and getting "Unable to save GettingPayload.jws".

Receiving the following exception in the JDeveloper console.

at oracle.ide.marshal.xml.StructureIO.loadUsingSAX(StructureIO.java:251)
at oracle.ide.marshal.xml.StructureIO.loadImpl(StructureIO.java:167)
at oracle.ide.marshal.xml.StructureIO.loadImpl(StructureIO.java:156)
at oracle.ide.marshal.xml.HashStructureIO.load(HashStructureIO.java:46)
at oracle.ideimpl.extension.RoleManagerImpl.getRolePreferences(RoleManagerImpl.java:80)
at oracle.ideimpl.extension.ExtensionManagerImpl.runRoleSelectionDialog(ExtensionManagerImpl.java:1112)
at oracle.ideimpl.extension.ExtensionManagerImpl.initialize(ExtensionManagerImpl.java:943)
at javax.ide.Service.getService(Service.java:68)
at javax.ide.extension.ExtensionRegistry.getExtensionRegistry(ExtensionRegistry.java:400)
at oracle.ide.ExtensionRegistry.getExtensionRegistry(ExtensionRegistry.java:191)
at oracle.ide.IdeCore.startupImpl(IdeCore.java:1384)
at oracle.ide.Ide.startup(Ide.java:703)

While restating the JDeveloper,  i could not able to see the projects listed under the corresponding applications, i have to manually add them to the application.