Friday, October 28, 2011

Changing the Audit Level for Oracle SOA Suite

 Changing the Audit Level for Oracle SOA Suite 11g or Oracle SOA Suite 12c

SOA 11g has three different Audit levels – Production, Development and Off

Audit Level Details:

Audit Level
Composite instance tracking is collected, but Mediator engine will not collect payload details and BPEL engine will not collect payload details for assign activities (payload details for other BPEL activities are collected). This level is optimal for most normal production operations.
Allows both the composite instance tracking and payload detail tracking. However it may impact the performance. This level is useful mostly for testing and debugging purposes.
No logging is performed. Composite instance tracking and payload details are not collected.

Changing the Audit Level for SOA:

1. Login to EM console.
2. Expand the SOA folder and right-click the soa-infra and select SOA Administration – Click on Common Properties

3. Change the Audit Level to required value

3. Finally apply the changes


  1. Hi Albin,

    Good post. When i am trying to change audit level from Dev to Prod, i am getting below exception

    Encountered "null" at line 1, column 8.
    Was expecting:
    javax.el.ELException: Error Parsing: #{null.null}

    Is there any other way to change the audit level?


  2. server restart is required? after changing the Audit Level

  3. Does server restart revert these logging changes?