Monday, October 31, 2011

Oracle SOA Suite – Attaching the Common/Generic deployment plan file to all the SOA Composites.

Oracle SOA Suite – Attaching the Common/Generic deployment plan file to all the SOA Composites:

The deployment plan file can be used to change the run time configurations like WSDL endpoint, value of the partner link properties and the host details across the environments.
The plan file need to be created for each composite and the same has to be attached during the deployment.
Generic plan file also can be created and attached to deploy all the composites.
By using the generic plan file all the configuration changes can be maintained in same place also no need of creating different plan files for each composite.

Generic Plan file:

The blow is the sample Generic plan file that can be used across the composites deployment.
The generic plan file will have the configuration details for all the composites.

When deploying, attach this Plan file to all the Composites.

Before deploying the composite ,replace the tokens in the plan file with the actual values.
The below ant script can be used to deploy the composites with the plan file to the server.
ant -f ant-sca-deploy.xml

Attached the sample plan file for your reference.

DOWNLOAD Generic Plan File


  1. Thanks Sharing this info Albin. This really helped me. Got one question though regarding the variables that you used in the xml ( for eg: ${} ). How did you pass the value for these variables ?

  2. Hi,
    How to change the URL in WSDL after deployment ?
    each time attaching a configuration at deployment time is not a good otio.

  3. Hi

    We can use the EM console to change the endpoint location after the deployment,refer the below blog

    Also you can try implementing DynamicPartnerLink and keep the endpoints in a property file or in a database table so that the endpoints can be changed dynamically.

    Albin I

  4. Hi

    I have changed the token ${} to,you can use ant script to replace the token with the actual value before the deployment,keep the token values in a property file.

    Albin I