Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Proxy Configuration in Oracle SOA Suite 11g

Proxy Configuration in Oracle SOA Suite 11g:

If we are invoking any web services and it needs to be passed through Proxy then the proxy server details should be configured on soa11g server. In SOA11g we have two ways of configuring the proxy. The first way is to configure the Server Level and the second level is Composite level.
Configuration can be done using Enterprise manager/JDeveloper

Server Level from EM console:

 Login to the em console
Navigate to SOA Infrastructure->SOA Administration->Common Properties -> More SOA Infra Advanced Configuration Properties...
Enter the HttpProxyHost, HttpProxyPort, HttpProxyUsername and HttpProxyPassword
Click on Apply and then restart Server


Composite service Level from EM console:

If we want to configure the configure proxy only to a particular composite the can be configured in composite Level.
Navigate to the Process in EM and in the dashboard click on the Service (Adapter used to invoke the web service to which the proxy is required) under the Services and References section.
Click on the properties tab and you can find the different properties as shown below where you can fill the Proxyhost, ProxyPort.

Setting Composite service Level from JDeveloper:

Open the Composite.xml and select the service to which the proxy configuration is required.
Add the binding properties oracle.webservices.proxyHost, oracle.webservices.proxyPort
Click on Save.


  1. For which SOA version this information is applicable? I am not able to see the proxy related parameters. I am using SOA

    1. The version refereed here is, which option u are referring as not available?