Sunday, August 4, 2013

Populating DOJO dropdown list based on JSON Data

Populating DOJO dropdown list based on JSON Data:

<select data-dojo-type=dijit.form.Select data-dojo-props='name:"dcDistcode"' missingMessage="Enter the Distict code" style="width: 180px" id="dcDistcode"></select>

var data ={"identifier":"value","items":[],"label":"distcode"};
            var len = newContent.length;   
            data.items.push(dojo.mixin({"distcode": "--SELECT--"},{"value": ""}));           
            for(var i=0; i < len ; ++i){       
                data.items.push(dojo.mixin({"distcode": newContent[i].dcDistcode+' - '+newContent[i].dcDistname},{"value": newContent[i].dcDistcode}));           
             var distStore ={data: data});

identifier specifies the value for the drop down list,  label specifies the display label for the drop down list.

newContent is the JSON data received from the server.

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