Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Configuring the Oracle Enterprise Repository plugins for Jdeveloper

Configuring the Oracle Enterprise Repository plugins for Jdeveloper

This post explain the steps to configure the Oracle Enterprise Repository Plugins in JDeveloper(JDeveloper version used is

In JDeveloper click on Help-->Check For Updates

Select the Oracle Enterprise Repository plugins  as shown below.
The Oracle Enterprise Repository Adapter plugin will help us to access the assets and artifacts available in the Oracle Enterprise Repository .
The Oracle Enterprise Repository Harvester will help us to  harvest a Oracle SOA Suite project to the Oracle Enterprise Repository.

Click on Next and click on Finish

Restart the JDeveloper while prompted
After successful installation of the plugins you can able to to see the "Oracle Enterprise Repository Connection" as new connection type  and also right clicking the SOA project we can see "Submit Project To Enterprise Repository" and right clicking the files(XSD, WSDL) we can see "Submit File To Enterprise Repository"

This will create a harvester folder in the JDev home folder

Open the "tools11g.xml" from JDEV_HOME/harvester and replace the JDev location with the correct value.
Replace C:/oracle/middleware/jdev_5361 with correct value.

Merge the contents of tools11g.xml into your JDeveloper's product preferences XML file.  
This is located in C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\Application Data\JDeveloper\system11.1.xxxxxx\o.jdeveloper\product-preferences.xml

If there is an existing entry "<hash n="oracle.ideimpl.externaltools.ExternalToolList">, replace with the contents of tools11g.xml.
If not, add it right after the initial <ide:preferences> element.

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