Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Re-Deploying the DBAdapter application - Oracle SOA Suite

Re-Deploying the DBAdapter application - Oracle SOA Suite

Accidentally we have deleted the DBAdapter application from the weblogic server console in Oracle SOA Suite and all the database connection factories created was failing.

This post will explain how to Re-Deploy the Resource Adapter - DBAdapter application and recover the connection factories.

The same steps can be followed to recover any Resource Adapter applications

Steps to redeploy Resource Adapter

  • Login to weblogic console
  • Go to deployments
  • Click on Install 
  • Select $Oracle_HOME/soa/connectors as the path and select Dbadapter.rar

  • Click on Next
  • Click on Next and select the target server
  • Click on Next and Next again - Select "No, I will review the configuration later"
  • Click on Finish - Now the Dbadapter application will be deployed as Resource Adapter.

But unfortunately it will have only the default connection factory(eis/DB/SOADemo), the application should be updated with the corresponding Plan file.

  • Select the corresponding deployment plan file (while deleting the Dbadapter application this file will not be get deleted)
  • Click on Finish. Now all the connection factories will be recreated

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