Thursday, August 8, 2013

Creating Validation TextArea in DOJO

Creating Validation TextArea in DOJO:

Sometimes we may need to do the validation of the data entered in TextArea but unfortunately the default TextArea provided by DOJO will not support the validation .

We can create a custom component extending both dijit.form.ValidationTextBox and dijit.form.SimpleTextarea, this will provide the functionality of both the ValidationTextBox and

                  postCreate: function() {
                validate: function() {
                    if (arguments.length==0) {
                    return this.validate(false);
                    return this.inherited(arguments);
                onFocus: function() {
                    if (!this.isValid()) {
               onBlur: function() {

We have to add the dojo require for ValidationTextarea  -  dojo.provide("ValidationTextarea");

Using the ValidationTextarea in jsp page:

<textarea id="clntlocn" name="clntlocn" data-dojo-type="ValidationTextarea" required="true" missingMessage="Enter the Client Location Name" rows="2" cols="20"" maxLength="50" style="resize:none"></textarea>

Now we can include all the validations applicable for dijit.form.ValidationTextBox to

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