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OSB Service customization through console

OSB Service customization through console

This post will explain how to perform OSB customization through console

OSB customization will help us to change the environment specific properties for OSB resources.
There are multiple options to customize the OSB resources.

 Find & Replace:

Find And Replace option help us to find and replace the environment specific values. For example replacing the service URI of the service.
Login to OSB console (http ://<< host name>> :<< port>>/sbconsole) and Create the session
Click on System Administration and Find & Replace under Customization

Enter the find value also provide Find in variable type, Located in project if required and click on Find button. This will display the find results in the bottom.

Enter the value to be replaced and click on Replace All.

Activate the session and verify the service for the replaced value

Customization File:

Customization file will help us to change the environment properties of a multiple resources at the same time.
Creation of customization file – Click on system Administration and Create Customization File under customization.
Select the projects to which the customization file need to be generated (if we select all the projects the same customization file will have the configuration for all the projects) and click on Create File.

The generated Customization file will have the environment properties configuration for the selected projects.

Modify the Customization file properties according to the environment.

Execution of Customization File

Login to OSB console and create a session.
Click on System Administration and Execute Customization File under Customization
Browse the Customization file from the local and Click On Next

Click on Execute button and Activate the session after successful Execution.
Verify the changes applied for the projects.

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  1. Hi Albin,

    I am dealing with a scenario where i have to interact with some web service which entertain XML argument input and return XML output only,(my service is on weblogic and the service which i am trying to call is on glassfish)
    example:- my BPEL's inputs and outputs corresponding webservice inputs and outputs are like.

    @ BPEL input and outputs
    *Input to my BPEL-->>
    request ---username type "string"
    ---password type "string"

    *output from my BPEL-->>
    response ---status type=" string"
    ---code type ="string"

    @ the webservice which i am trying to call: input and outputs


    the reference side have only one input i.e input XML.. and also after successful login it should give out the response in such a format so that my BPEL can interact with that so until and unless i did not found a solution to convert my input to the BPEL (input xsd) to XML i will not able to do so .I have tried the following -- Using the XPath function-- ora:parseEscapedXML() to take an XML string and convert it to DOM format for processing in BPEL but getting Xpath error. Please Please help me out if you have any solutions.

    To escape the above deadlock we place a wrapper layer between both the service my services are running on weblogic and the service which i am trying to call is on glassfish ,with this approach we are Successfully hitting the service but not getting any response but instead getting error-----"error getting response; timed in weblogic" please suggest me if you have any solutions..

    Thanks and Regards
    Abhishek Ajral