Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Oracle SOA Suite 10g to 11g Migration - Unable to access the following endpoint : REPLACE_WITH_ACTUAL_URL

Unable to access the following endpoint : REPLACE_WITH_ACTUAL_URL:

The invocation of the synchronous web service from the composite has failed with the following error after migrating the code to Oracle SOA Suite 11g.

"Unable to access the following endpoint : REPLACE_WITH_ACTUAL_URL"

After a long struggle ,we have identified the issue .The issue was with the callback interface was wrongly configured with the value same us interface during the migration in the composite.xml and the component files of the composite that invokes the web service(synchronous) that doesn't support any callback .

Composite.xml with callback configured as same as interface:

Component file with callback configured as same as interface:

Web service without any callback(Synchronous):

Removing the callback interface configuration from the composite.xml and the component files of the composite resolved the issue.


  1. Thanks a lot . this helped..


  2. Can you explain Clearly on how many files i have to remove callback interface

  3. You have to change the composite.xml and .componentType files.

    Albin I

  4. Hi Albin,
    I am getting this issue "Replace with Actual URL" when I mmigrated the code from 10g to 11g. Here I am using mediator to call the waf URL.
    I am using Synchronous pattern. Still I am getting this issue.
    It is a poller process which calls the waf URL every 5 minute , first it will throw an error "Unable to access the endpoint" and then it will say "REPLACE WITH ACTUAL URL".
    Can you please share some pointer on this.


  5. Hi Albin,

    Blog is very nice!! Thanks for sharing the info..
    But I have a different sort of scenario. I am not migrating it from 10g to 11g, but when I created and tested y process against an external HTTPS POST serveice, I am getting this error. I am not sure whats going wrong. But the interesting point is, the system to which I am calling is getting http 500 error msg in there log. I tried my best to change the input and posting it. But couldnt identify the actual cause.. can you please suggest me something, if you can, so that I can try that as well.

    Thanks in advance

    Best Regards