Monday, November 28, 2011

Oracle SOA Suite – Local optimization for webservice calls

Oracle SOA Suite – Local optimization for webservice calls:

The property “oracle.webservices.local.optimization” instructs Composite to make the webservice calls via SOAP stack or not. This property will work both in Oracle SOA Suite 11g and Oracle SOA Suite 12c.
By default the value for the property “oracle.webservices.local.optimization” is true. If the value is true and composite invokes any other webservice on the same server/domain, it avoids soap overhead and calls natively.

There may be a situation that you want to invoke the services via Soap Stack and changing the value of “oracle.webservices.local.optimization” property to false will help us to do that.
We can set this property in Composite.xml for a specific partner link only that partner link invocation always happens via soap stack.
Open the Composite.xml in JDev and add the property - oracle.webservices.local.optimization to the corresponding partnerlink binding.

When the local optimization is true, the policies attached to the partnerlinks are also bypassed


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