Monday, September 24, 2012

Changing Default JPA Provider in WebLogic Server

Changing Default JPA Provider in WebLogic Server :

WebLogic Server has been providing both Kodo and TopLink as JPA providers since WLS 10.3.1.
Unless an explicit <provider>...</provider> is specified in the persistence.xml file of a deployed application, WLS will use Kodo by default.

With the release of WLS 10.3.3, we have now provided a way to change the default JPA provider at the domain level, allowing you to switch between Kodo or TopLink as the default persistent provider that weblogic server will use.

The default JPA provider setting is exposed via a new MBean: JPAMBean on the DomainMBean, and persists the configuration into the config.xml file.

Steps to Change the Default provider:

  • Login to weblogic server console
  • Click on the Domain and click on JPA
  • Change the Default JPA Provider to TopLink and click on Save

Oracle TopLink is the default persistence provider in WebLogic Server 12c and later but you can change to Kodo if required.


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