Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Weblogic Monitoring Dashboard to monitor the resources

Weblogic Monitoring Dashboard to monitor the resources

Monitoring dashboard is the new feature of latest weblogic server to view diagnostic data without doing additional setup.

This is the extension of the WLDF framework. The Monitoring Dashboard provides views and tools for graphically presenting diagnostic data about servers and applications running on them. The underlying functionality for generating, retrieving, and persisting diagnostic data is provided by the WebLogic Diagnostics Framework. The Monitoring Dashboard provides additional tools for presenting that data in charts and graphs.

The Monitoring dashboard can be launched from the home page of the Web logic administration console or pointing to the direct URL.

Direct URL to access the Monitoring Dashboard - http://<Server Host>:<Server Port>/console/dashboard

The different resources like JMS, JVM, JDBC and Thread Pools can be monitored here.

The diagnostic data can be captured for a particular resource in a particular time by using the start and stop functionality.

The user also can create the custom views; Custom views are available only to the user who created them. Custom views are automatically persisted for the user and are in effect only for that user account and only in the current domain.

Refer the below URL for more details about dashboard

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