Monday, September 24, 2012

Modifying the DVM’s and Business Rules using SOA Composer

Modifying the DVM’s and Business Rules using SOA Composer

Oracle SOA Suite Composer is a J2EE application deployed into the weblogic server that help us to edit the DVM’s and the Business Rules after the deployment  to the Oracle SOA Suite server during the runtime.

The SOA Composer application can be accessed using the following URL
http://<SOA Server Host>:<SOA Server port>/soa/composer/

To modify the DVM’s or the Business Rules the weblogic user must have the SOADesigner role.

When using Oracle SOA Composer, you can save your customizations in a sandbox environment without applying them to a running instance and later return to the sandbox to make additional customizations. These customizations are only applied to the running instance when you click Commit.

Modify DVM:

  • Login to SOA Composer
  • Click on open and then click on Open DVM, this will list all the DVM’s deployed to MDS

  • Select the DVM that needs modified and click on Open.

  • Click on Edit

  • Click on Add or Edit based on the requirement

  • Change the values accordingly and click on ok
  • Click on Save.

  • Click on Commit then Click on yes.

  • The changes are applied to the running instance.

Modifying the Business Rules:

  • Click on Open Rules

  • Select the rule that needs to be modified and click on open.

  • Modify the rules as required and Click on Save and Commit.

       The changes will be applied to the running instance.


  1. Can you please tell me is there an WSLT script available to update the DVM from backend. Since modifying from front end through SOA Composer doesnt reflect the change immediately in all the cluster nodes since it maintains in a cache. Or is there any way to clear DVM cache? Please help..

  2. I don't think so, the WLST utilities are available to do the DVM update but you can refer the below URL for JAVA API to do MDS operations.

    I never faced such a issue when updating the DVM's in clustered environment.

    I am not sure there is a possibility to refresh the DVM cache let me check and confirm you.

    Albin I

  3. Any info on how to refresh the DVM cache? Seems that in cluster environment commits do not take effect during composer updates.


  4. DVM is an awesome technology that makes something simple in something hard to maintain !
    Oracle = MS ? lol

  5. Hi,

    any idea where dvm stored in database..i mean which schema and table ?

  6. Computed based on this blog

    SELECT c.* FROM ps6_mds.MDS_COMPONENTS c, ps6_mds.MDS_PATHS p
    WHERE p.PATH_NAME='your_dvm_filename.dvm' and p.PATH_HIGH_CN is null --this to get last version deployed
    and c.COMP_CONTENTID=p.path_contentid;

  7. Osb projects dvms are not onboarded on composer ? Is it only for SOA composite DVMs ?