Saturday, September 22, 2012

Cluster Constraint for the deployment in weblogic server

Cluster Constraint for the deployment in weblogic server

Cluster constraint specifies that deployments targeted to a weblogic cluster succeed only if all servers in the cluster are running.

When this option is enabled, WebLogic Server enforces a strict two-phase deployment policy for all Managed Servers in a domain—ensuring that application deployment to a cluster succeeds only if all Managed Servers in the cluster are reachable and can deploy the application. If any server instance in the cluster is unreachable, the application is not deployed to any of the Managed Servers.

If you do not enable this option, WebLogic Server allows deployment to a partial cluster. When the unreachable Managed Server becomes available, deployment to that server instance will be initiated.

By default, cluster constraints are disabled and deployment is attempted only on the servers that are reachable at the time of deployment from the Administration Server.

To Enable Cluster Constraint:

  • Login to Weblogic Admin Console
  • Click on the domain name
  • Select the Check box against “Enable Cluster Constraint”

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  1. I need to deploy the whole application in the weblogic server console. Will u plz give the detailed steps of deployment of our application in the weblogic server.