Wednesday, April 9, 2014

BINDING.JCA-11822 JPublisher error occurred in JDeveloper

BINDING.JCA-11822 JPublisher error occurred in JDeveloper

Sometimes you may receive the following exception in DBAdapter wizard while regenerating the adapter configuration for the option "Call a Stored Procedure or Function through JDeveloper in Oracle SOA Suite 11g".

JPublisher error occurred.
An error occurred while running JPublisher.
An error occurred when JPublisher was invoked: ERROR: missing method.
Analyze the error and correct if possible. Contact oracle support if error is not fixable.


The exception will be thrown while browsing the procedure in the wizard and the procedure has one of the following RECORD, TABLE, or BOOLEAN as input/output type.

The issue seems to be the caching issue with the JDeveloper.
The issue has been resolved by just closing and opening the JDeveloper and regenerating the Adapter configuration.

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  1. I am still getting the same exception Is there any other way