Saturday, April 26, 2014

Configuring Proxy Sever for Oracle Service Bus(OSB)

Configuring Proxy Sever for Oracle Service Bus(OSB)

Sometimes we may required to use the Proxy server in OSB for outbound communication.

The Proxy Server can be configured to the Business Service as below.

Configure the Proxy Server:

The first step is we have to configure the Proxy server in the OSB global resources.

Login to OSB an click on System Administration and Proxy Servers in the Global resources section.
Click on Add button

Enter the Proxy server details and click on Add button in the Host-Port Parameters section.
If the the authentication is required then provide the username/password.
Save the configurations.

Attaching the Proxy Server to BusinessService:

The Proxy Server created in the previous step needs to be attached to the Business Service in the Advanced Section of the HTTP Transport Configuration.


  1. hi is it possible to configure proxy server in oepe. when i am browsing in oepe it is not showing. but in console there is proxy server configured.please let me know how can we import proxy server from sb console to oepe

  2. Go to Window-->Preferences from eclipse menu bar

    Type Proxy in the filter text and click on Network Connections.

    Enter the proxy server details

    Albin I

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  4. can you suggest 1 use case for using proxy server . I mean why would we use it when BS can directly interact with the any web service outside ?