Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Unable to get schema information for source - JDeveloper

Unable to get schema information for source - JDeveloper

I was getting the error "Unable to get schema information for source" while generating the XSL mapper file in the BPEL Transform activity through JDeveloper. The same error was coming while editing the existing mapper file in a transform activity with the same source variable.

But the component is getting deployed successfully and also the flows are working fine without any issue.

After the analysis i found that there is two schema's imported with the same name space into the wsdl and one of the them is used to create the message type for the source variable in the transformation.

Approaches to fix the issue

  •  Make sure the schema's are imported with different name space or create a consolidated schema and import the same 
  • Include the schema's that has the same names instead of importing them into the wsdl.

Now you will be able to generate the mapper file successfully.

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