Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Oracle SOA Suite Composite Deployment - Global Type declaration/definition of name *are duplicated - Part2

Oracle SOA Suite Composite Deployment - Global Type declaration/definition of name *are duplicated - Part2

We were receiving the following exception while trying to invoke a composite(A) from other composite(B) in Oracle SOA Suite.

Error(284): part "payload" of variable "SFDCIN" is defined as XML element "{http://trm.com:I100:OrderProcessing:orderToQuote_Recieve}MT_BackfillStatus" whose definition cannot be resolved because "Global Type declaration/definition of name '{http://trm.com:I100:OrderProcessing:orderToQuote_Recieve}DT_BackfillStatus' are duplicated at the following locations: http://localhost:8000/soa-infra/services/CRMSYNC/SFDCOMQT_EventManager/xsd/SAP.MSG.EAI_610_OLIStatus_Quote.xsd [line#: 4] http://localhost:8000/soa-infra/services/CRMSYNC/SFDCOMQT_EventManager/sfdcomqt_eventmanager_client_ep?XSD=xsd/SAP.MSG.EAI_610_OLIStatus_Quote.xsd [line#: 5] There are at least two of them looking different: http://localhost:8000/soa-infra/services/CRMSYNC/SFDCOMQT_EventManager/xsd/SAP.MSG.EAI_610_OLIStatus_Quote.xsd [difference starting at line#:6] http://localhost:8000/soa-infra/services/CRMSYNC/SFDCOMQT_EventManager/sfdcomqt_eventmanager_client_ep?XSD=xsd/SAP.MSG.EAI_610_OLIStatus_Quote.xsd [difference starting at line#:7] ".

But the deployment of the composite(A) is success and we were able to test the composite(A) successfully from SOAP UI but while trying to invoke from other composite(B), the deployment of the invoking composite(B) failed with the above exception.

The both the differences pointing to the same xsd in the same component, one is design time xsd and another one is run time xsd.

While comparing, we were able to see some small differences between these two xsd's but unfortunately we could not able to correct it because both are pointing to the same xsd.

After a long struggle i was able to find out the root cause, the actual root cause is the annotations defined in the xsd.

After removing the annotation sections from the specified schema and redeploying the composite(A), i was able to invoke successfully from other composite(B).

It seems to be when the xsd's have the annotation defined , the BPEL run time generated xsd has difference compare to the original local schema.

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