Friday, April 18, 2014

SOAWorkManager - Tuning the SOA Engine

SOAWorkManager - Tuning the SOA Engine

While installing Oracle SOA Suite into weblogic server a work manager wm/SOAWorkManager of type Global Work Manager will be created.

SOAWorkManager is a empty workmanager created and targeted to the all the servers in the SOA cluster.

  • Request Classes - A request class expresses a scheduling guideline that WebLogic Server uses to allocate threads to requests. Request classes help ensure that high priority work is scheduled before less important work, even if the high priority work is submitted after the lower priority work.Request classes define a best effort. 
  • max-threads-constraint—Limits the number of concurrent threads executing requests from the constrained work set. The default is unlimited. We can define a max-threads-constraint in terms of a the availability of the resource that requests depend upon, such as a connection pool.Once the constraint is reached the server does not schedule requests of this type until the number of concurrent executions falls below the limit. The server then schedules work based on the fair share or response time goal.
  • min-threads-constraint—Guarantees the number of threads the server will allocate to affected requests to avoid deadlocks. 
  • capacity—Causes the server to reject requests only when it has reached its capacity. The default is -1. Note that the capacity includes all requests, queued or executing, from the constrained work set. Work is rejected either when an individual capacity threshold is exceeded or if the global capacity is exceeded. 

To tune the SOA engine the parameters of the SOAWorkManager has to be set based on the server capacity and connection pool capacity.

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