Thursday, April 17, 2014

WLST script to update Graceful Shutdown parameters in weblogic server

WLST script to update Graceful Shutdown parameters in weblogic server

A graceful shutdown gives WebLogic Server subsystems time to complete certain application processing currently in progress.

Graceful Shutdown

The Graceful Shutdown command transitions a server instance from the RUNNING state to the SHUTDOWN state, allowing work in process to be handled gracefully, with this sequence of state transitions:


Controlling Graceful Shutdown

Ignore Sessions During Shutdown — If you enable this option WebLogic Server will drop all HTTP sessions immediately, rather than waiting for them to complete or timeout. Waiting for abandoned sessions to timeout can significantly lengthen the graceful shutdown process, because the default session timeout is one hour.

Graceful Shutdown Timeout — Specifies a time limit for a server instance to complete a graceful shutdown. If you supply a timeout value, and the server instance does not complete a graceful shutdown within that period, WebLogic Server performs a forced shutdown on the server instance.

This tutorial explains the approach to update graceful update parameters through WLST script in weblogic

WLST Script

The script will help us to update the Graceful Shutdown parameter for the servers in the weblogic domain.


Before executing the script, change the configurations as required.

Execute the script — <<Oracle_Home>>\oracle_common\common\bin\wlst.cmd

Now the Graceful Shutdown Parameters updated for all the servers in the domain

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